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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fingernail clipping

This is one of the stupid things I have to do at work. I needed one of those rubber coated ones so it would stay on top of my knee as I used the underside of my desk to press the teeth together to clip the nail on my good hand.  My problem now is that clipping the nails on my bad hand(left) is very problematic. My fingers will not lay straight no matter what position I put them in. If I get the clipper situated my wrist spasticity kicks in ruining the clipping. At least today I managed not to end up with bloody fingernails.
Sounds like something our therapists should have had to deal with thousands of times. Then there should be a therapy protocol for this somewhere. Send your therapist on a search.

Damn this Stroke.


  1. To clip the nails on my hemiplegic fingers that curl I open a drawer. I drape a small piece of non-slip shelf liner over the front edge of the drawer, rest one finger on the front edge with the end of my finger curled over the edge, and reach into the drawer with the fingernail clipper to clip the nail.

  2. This is what works for me: I use an emery board and file down my nails, both with my unaffected hand. One of my therapists encourages me to go have a manicure; she said that they use a form to keep fingers still; mine are no longer too spastic to straighten passively, so that could work. Maybe you can use the form to do it yourself.