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Changing stroke rehab and research worldwide now.Time is Brain!Just think of all the trillions and trillions of neurons that DIE each day because there are NO effective hyperacute therapies besides tPA(only 12% effective). I have 493 posts on hyperacute therapy, enough for researchers to spend decades proving them out. These are my personal ideas and blog on stroke rehabilitation and stroke research. Do not attempt any of these without checking with your medical provider. Unless you join me in agitating, when you need these therapies they won't be there.

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Shortly after getting out of the hospital and getting NO information on the process or protocols of stroke rehabilitation and recovery I started searching on the internet and found that no other survivor received useful information. This is an attempt to cover all stroke rehabilitation information that should be readily available to survivors so they can talk with informed knowledge to their medical staff. It's quite disgusting that this information is not available from every stroke association and doctors group.
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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

How to tell if your stroke hospital, doctors, therapists or stroke associations are incompetent

The extremely short version is;
Are they measuring results of their interventions and using that to improve?

“What's measured, improves.” So said management legend and author Peter F. Drucker

The second easiest is if you hear the comment 'All strokes are different, all stroke recoveries are different'. This answer means they have a ready excuse for being incompetent by not getting you to 100% recovery. 

Do they refer to the protocols they are using and the efficacy of those protocols? Not guidelines, PROTOCOLS.

If you hear about receiving awards from Get With the Guidelines or the Joint Commission. These are both deflections from real information. Neither one of these has the hospital measuring results, they are just having the medical professionals check off that they have gone through the correct processes and procedures. You could have 100% accuracy in the guidelines and still die, success for the doctor, failure for you.  Too bad.

Do your medical professionals have a collaborative arrangement with stroke researchers?

Does your doctor write out three prescriptions to OT, PT and ST? All saying the same thing? E.T. - Evaluate and Treat? Meaning your doctor knows zilch about your stroke rehabilitation.

Does your stroke association look anything like this?
Great stroke association 
Or is it more like this?
Fucking failures of stroke associations.

Is your doctor doing ANY  interventions in the first week?
My 31 ideas on hyperacute therapy I'm going to insist my doctor give me during the first week. 
Or these needing a lot more research:
These 177 hyperacute therapies that need more research.

You need absolutely no medical degree to measure this type of incompentency.

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