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Changing stroke rehab and research worldwide now.Time is Brain!Just think of all the trillions and trillions of neurons that DIE each day because there are NO effective hyperacute therapies besides tPA(only 12% effective). I have 493 posts on hyperacute therapy, enough for researchers to spend decades proving them out. These are my personal ideas and blog on stroke rehabilitation and stroke research. Do not attempt any of these without checking with your medical provider. Unless you join me in agitating, when you need these therapies they won't be there.

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Shortly after getting out of the hospital and getting NO information on the process or protocols of stroke rehabilitation and recovery I started searching on the internet and found that no other survivor received useful information. This is an attempt to cover all stroke rehabilitation information that should be readily available to survivors so they can talk with informed knowledge to their medical staff. It's quite disgusting that this information is not available from every stroke association and doctors group.
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Monday, May 8, 2017

Unsuccessful morel hunting

I had 4 hours to get in my 10,000 steps before the 8pm Trivia game. On Saturday and Sunday I didn't find any but did see other persons out there looking and finding some next to rotting logs on the ground. This afternoon I left the trail to cut cross country from the inner loop to the outer loop. Normally it would take 20 minutes to get there. I wandered for an hour, pushing thru lots of brambles, somehow managing not scratching my dangling left arm. That arm can't move out of the way of branches. Lots of logs to scramble over from 16-24 inches high. My ADLs for walking from my therapists did not cover any of that type of walking. Running wasn't covered either. With my 14 inch high Wellies on it was actually easier to wade thru the waterlogged areas than thru the woods. Didn't find any morels but did get in 10,682 steps in 3 hours, pretty slow for me. The deer trails were useful but they can get under branches much better than me, I had to break off or saw thru a number of them to get thru. 

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