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Changing stroke rehab and research worldwide now.Time is Brain!Just think of all the trillions and trillions of neurons that DIE each day because there are NO effective hyperacute therapies besides tPA(only 12% effective). I have 493 posts on hyperacute therapy, enough for researchers to spend decades proving them out. These are my personal ideas and blog on stroke rehabilitation and stroke research. Do not attempt any of these without checking with your medical provider. Unless you join me in agitating, when you need these therapies they won't be there.

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Shortly after getting out of the hospital and getting NO information on the process or protocols of stroke rehabilitation and recovery I started searching on the internet and found that no other survivor received useful information. This is an attempt to cover all stroke rehabilitation information that should be readily available to survivors so they can talk with informed knowledge to their medical staff. It's quite disgusting that this information is not available from every stroke association and doctors group.
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Friday, September 9, 2016

One hand challenges

As a result of my trail clearing I got patches of poison ivy/oak/sumac on my good wrist. Applying hydrocortisone there is a challenge, I have to spread some on my bad wrist and rub it against the needed area. Luckily it is not weeping so I don't have to figure out how to attach a 2x2 inch bandage to the area. Other spots on my chest, butt and leg let me know that sensation is working there just fine. Which would theoretically lead to a therapy for reduced sensation areas from your stroke. But your doctor will never suggest purposely going to a stinging nettle or poison ivy patch to get massive numbers of repetitive sensations. In a couple of weeks you could easily get 10,000 repetitions in from this.  Movement on your bad side could be massively encouraged by the need to scratch your good arm.

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